The KELine® system is developed, manufactured and tested in accordance with international, European and U.S. standards for structured cabling. KELine was developed by experts from the fields of research, testing and manufacture of cabling systems. Its expertise in the field of high-speed transmission of digital signals over the physical layer has been distributed through the KRUGEL EXIM distribution network for more than 20 years.
A 25-year warranty is applied on all installations performed by a certified “KELine® installer” and “KELine® planner” and after an audit of test data. At this time, there are 1144 registered installations with 502,554 ports.
Product availability and installation quality are ensured by trained and certified KELine partners:
• Certified KELine® installer
• Certified KELine® designer
• Certified KELine® distributor
KELine not only provides support to its partners, but also protects their business and offers the opportunity to become an exclusive distributor in chosen countries.

1. Copper cabling
International standards have defined five cabling categories – Cat.5E, Cat.6, Cat.6A Cat.7, Cat.7A ; however, there are only two performance levels represented by two transmission speeds – 1 Gigabit/s and 10 Gigabit/s.

Cat.5E is efficient for networks with transmission speed of 1 Gigabit/s. Cat.6A is optimal for networks with transmission speed of 10 Gigabit/s.

2. Optical cabling
Recent high-speed protocols for optical cabling have triggered the development of new types of optical fibres and their new categorisation. The initial categorisation of fibres was based on glass core/cladding diameter: 50/125 ÎŒm, 62,5/125 ÎŒm or 9/125 ÎŒm. Today’s fibres have different transmission characteristics in spite of the same glass geometry. International standards have therefore introduced a new classification based on the fibres’ performance level.

3. Cabinet
Cabinets are manufactured on fully automatic manufacturing lines with up-to-date technology for sheet metal processing.
Mass produced standardised types are supplied fully assembled and are defined by a single ordering code. This concept simplifies the complicated process of order specification, excludes errors and minimises logistic costs.

These support options are available to you:

  • Knowledge base
  • 25 year warranty
  • KELine partner program
  • CAD database
  • Certificates Cat.6A
  • Video tutorials
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