Africaplus Direct International, we aspire to become the most efficient and innovative distributor of services for our vendors, as we expand our knowledge over Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. Our mission is to use our expertise to provide the best quality service to our Business Partners.

Vision Statement

Africaplus Direct International envisions a high recognition and presence in the African and Middle Eastern markets, as being the leading distributor of services whilst providing the best expertise, quality, sustainability to our Business Partners.

Core Values


Be transparent, reliable and consistent


Abide by our morals and ethics


Continuously provide quality service

OUR promise

The main benefit that we offer our customers is our specialised experience in providing support services in all our territories and our motto is to be effective and consistent in our actions. We at Africaplus Direct International are aiming to use this ethos and brand as the cornerstone of our business in Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. We will continue to provide services that live up to our customer’s expectations now and in the future. We are committed to your goals and will continue delivering a world class service.

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