Africaplus Direct International Ltd is an Authorised Distributor of IBM Services and an inside sales arm for Lenovo Services, and has expanded its operation across the Indian Ocean, the African continent and the Middle East. This helps us offer you high quality services that subscribe to an exceptional international standard.

At APD we offer a range of support to our business partners:

  • Pricing and contract issuing services as well as registration of contracts;
  • Call-logging assistance achieved through redirecting our customers toward the vendor’s service delivery portals;
  • A variety of support services for our business partners including LSA, MVS, SSU, ISA and Servicepac;
  • A call logging system for severity 1 calls and critical situations that provides assistance to our business partners, even outside of office hours;
  • Close working relationships that provide advice on better services and coverage for the client’s inventory that are adapted to the needs of the business; and
  • 100% focus on high quality IBM and Lenovo services and the maintenance of your contracts.

you’re in control with our business partner portal

We offer a Business Partner Portal that provides free contract management services on behalf of our partners. The portal enables tracking of machines, warranty services, service coverage and other support services.


APD aims at offering a tailor-made support solution that is adapted to the needs of the Business Partners and their business itself. Our team has a great versatility and a drive to provide our business partners and end users exceptional assistance so that any transitions are done smoothly. The main benefit that we can offer you is our specialised experience in providing support services in Africa and our motto is to be effective and consistent in our actions.

The main benefit that we offer our customers is our specialised experience in providing support services in all of our territories and our motto is to be effective and consistent in our actions. We at Africaplus Direct International are aiming to use this ethos and brand as the cornerstone of our business in Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. We will continue to provide services that live up to our customer’s expectations now and in the future. We are committed to your goals and will continue delivering a world class service.

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