Africaplus Direct International

In Essence

Africaplus Direct International Ltd is an Authorised Distributor of Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions and Services as well as IBM Services. We are an inside sales arm for Lenovo Services, and have expanded our operation across the Indian Ocean Islands, the African continent, the Middle East, including Pakistan and Turkey and the Indian Subcontinnent.

In addition, we partnered with Scale Computing to distribute Scale Computing solutions across the region.

We also partnered with Maxava to distribute their critical solutions across the region.

We also provide network cabling solutions, related products and a unique cloud-based application.

For all your shipping, freight, and logistical demands, we got your covered with our in-house Logistics arm, IAPDL.

Our Values

Be transparent, reliable and consistent


Abide by our morals and ethics


Continuously provide quality service

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